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of working with aurora...

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Aurora is a powerful healer who will break down your barriers, hold you in love & support you to see the vastness of your power and soul. She's helped me tap more deeply into my own wellspring of magic and has supported me every time I forget how powerful I truly am. 

Our sessions have helped me connect with the tremendous portals that mother earth offers, they have guided me back to deep well-springs of wisdom and have helped me open up more to the constant flow of abundance and growth that is always here for me. 

My Akashic record session with Aurora was beautifully resonant and healing. I had no expectations going into the session but had felt guided to look into my soul’s history on multiple occasions leading up to the reading. Her reading was powerful and emotional and she held space beautifully for me to process what was coming through.  

Aurora told me that we did some profound healing and that she would not be surprised if I experienced a large shift immediately following our session. One hour afterwards I received a completely unexpected yet life changing gift that has brought me abundance and opportunity beyond imagination. Additionally I feel more at peace and confident in the knowing of my true self.

Stephanie C.

My experience with Aurora continuously provides me with clarity and inspiration through her divine guidance to help me heal my true authentic soul and align myself by understanding the thresholds to the healing I need to focus on to elevate to my full potential. 

Aurora holds space filled with unconditional love, truth, and honesty for the highest good in all her interactions with me.  My time with Aurora is very sacred to my soul and I am forever grateful for her time, support, and unconditional love. 

The benefit is the knowledge I have received that I can use in my everyday life. Aurora has taught me how to recognize and work with my shadow, complete time bound practices, release past wounds, heal my inner child, increase consciousness, importance of unconditional love, recognize and dispel Wetiko, identifying allies for support, and so so so much more. 

Words can not truly describe the amount of healing … on so many different levels … that I have experienced and received from working with Aurora.

Alicia V.

My time with Aurora has been very healing. Every session I have had with her has resonated deeply. I love working with her because I can feel how invested she is in the work that she’s doing and in my own personal journey.

From the beginning she has made me feel comfortable to be open about whats going on for me. When something heavy has come up she’s so supportive and always guides me through it. Aurora is truly gifted and my experiences with her have been magical.

Lydia B

Aurora is an incredible teacher full of knowledge, enthusiasm and a true love and care for the plants and humankind. She brings an authentic experience that not only opens your mind and heart to new possibilities but to deeper understanding of yourself and your relationship to the Seen and Unseen worlds around you.

Aurora has helped me heal very deep wounds that I couldn’t access myself. By working in the Akashic Records and with trusted guides she can access different lifetimes where trauma occurred and remove seeds of darkness that have embedded themselves deeply in all lifetimes. She lovingly stands witness to the healing and facilitates the replanting of new energies into the places where trauma once reigned. This is the most profound healing I’ve ever experienced and I feel that I’ve now been able to truly be my best self in this life right NOW! Also, she writes up a beautiful summary of the healing and provides suggestions to keep in touch with the healing that has occurred. 

The flower essences that Aurora makes are truly magical. They are deeply nourishing on so many levels with the supportive healing energies of the Earth, Sun and Elements and Flowers. She’s made essences that just what I need at the exact timing I need them. Her deep connection to humanity and its gifts and trials help her translate the healing qualities of each flower. She is truly gifted in her work with the plants.


Aurora is a beautiful soul who has helped me gain physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional well-being. She has removed blockages from my energy field to help promote balance and harmony. I believe in the practice and completely trust Aurora. She made it easier for me to face myself. 

Aurora and her spirit guides have taken me into different realms to move energy that has been stuck or misplaced. This energetic shift has brought a sense of balance to my body and a renewed sense of spiritual wholeness. 

They grounded me with Earth which has given me the ability to stand firm in my own power.

Deb P



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