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We hold Space for Your Wellness.

We answer to Spirit and work for the Flowers. 



Hi, my name is Aurora. I am a Wise Woman, a Medicine Person, a crafter of Flower Essences, a tender of the Natural Realms and a weaver in The Invisible Realms. I am here for the Service of your Wellness, and for the most beneficial outcome of Earth and All of Her Creatures. I came here on the long road, the winding road, the road of the Initiate. It is my intention to help you find yourself as the Healer in Your Life, to be with you as you wake up to your Soul coming fully back into your Body, and to be a part of you Claiming the Magic & Mystery in your Own Story. I believe you are Embedded in the Divine and in Relationship here on Earth, and that you have a Soul of the Most Ancient Origins. I know you to be Eternal, and I am here to be in Service of your Deepest Remembering. 

I am a channel, an Akashic Records practitioner and a Reiki master. I am a vitalist animist herbalist with an affinity for alchemy and plant spirit communication. I am the sole crafter and creator of Lawless Botanics “Magic, Medicine & Mystery”, a boutique herbal brand composed of flower essences, teas and magical herbal self care offerings.

I am the being who has created all of our medicine gardens into the project that I now consider to be The Lawless Botanics Herb & Flower Farm. I am the wild gatherer of seasonal medicinal allies, and I create the ceremony for crafting each of the Lawless products. I am a believer in the potency of working with plants and their spirits in this sacred manner. I know that the power of the Earth stays in the plant material when they are gathered with integrity, when they are asked for permission to be worked with as medicines, and when their spirit is beckoned to weave itself into the products.  I am a crafter of plant medicines who you will see praying over the plants and leaving them presents: a gift of some home grown Tobacco, some of my own tears and my stories, prayers to the Divine and the Spirit that Holds Us All. 

I am always navigating the relationship of the Liminal, the Luminous and the Lived Experience, and I offer this in all of my products. 

Working with me for healing and teaching is a journey to your own Wellness. I channel for you, I show up with all of my experience, wisdom and compassion for your journey into your own embodied soul life.



Lawless Botanics weaves you into the Realm of Mystery with a magical collection of Flower Essences, Tinctures, Teas, and Self Care & Ceremonial Offerings. 

The brand Lawless Botanics came into being as an answer to my prayers, “Please plants, let me be of Service to you. Help me bring your teachings, your wisdom and your healing to any and all of Earth who need you, and are ready to work with you. Please let me be of Service to you Remembering Spirit and Wellness on this planet, for all of us.” Lawless Botanics was the weaving of years of working to fulfill all that the plants call me to do & be. Plant Kin are my first bosses after the All Spirit, and I have never been happier than when I answer their call. 

Every product is made with the highest level of quality that I can offer, beginning with each being an answer to a nod and a ping from the Plant Spirit Realms. They are all an answer to Deep Listening. The products are held in the traditional wisdom that I have about herbalism and flower essences, and are made magic by the channeled knowledge of the Plants Themselves. 

The name Lawless Botanics came from my kinship to the wild lands, times and heart centered ways of “before fences”. It is a heart wide open song to the Sweet Warm Air of Open Pastures and the Tender Kisses of Rain, along with the Glory of Thunder & Lightning as Teachers. Lawless Botanics is about the orders and relationships of the Natural Realm and the Invisible Mysteries, the place in between and of ALL, which I believe human beings to have the “birth right to walk in and channel for. 

Lawless Botanics is a prayer of Remembering of my Druid ancestry, and a prayer ‘of your Remembering your Magical Medicinal and Mysterious aspects. The name is meant to incite a little excitement, to tingle with the right kind of danger, the one that calls you out of your domestic perch and into the Elements, into your Body and into the Soul of Earth. Lawless Botanics is a spell of Wonder and Enchantment, here to Call You Home.  


Heal In The Invisible Realms

The Invisible Realms, like The Akashic Records and Channeled Session work, has the potential to help us heal our lives from the inside out. When working in these realms of mystery, Aurora will hold you in a space safety and unconditional love. She follows guidance from years of experience and from her Allies directly to create an experience for you to unfold into your most healed and fulfilled state of being. The work with Aurora is always a journey into wonder, and deep dives into belief systems that no longer serve you, a healing of ancient or current traumas, and a permission to be supported in your life by the Imaginal an Invisible Realms. Aurora holds you as you claim your right to have a full soul embodiment experience and to find yourself at home in your life.



This started with a small greenhouse and a big dream. My husband, Matt, built the greenhouse and I tentatively stepped into the realm of dirty hands, long long days and The Most Real Gratitude I’ve ever dreamed of. I now cultivate the better part of a quarter acre on our home “urban farm”, where in our town of 350 humans, we have one acre with a bunch of hens, some roosters, a mating pair of turkeys, breeding lambs and a small milk goat herd. When our family came here, we had never even own a chicken collectively between the four of us! But we had big dreams, were willing to get dirty and learn, and room in our hearts for the animals and space that we tend to grow. 

I start 90% of the herbs, veggies and flowers that I cultivate from seed. The other plants are sourced from other local medicine growers or sometimes impulse bought from our local nursery. For a couple of years I have sold herb and flower starts to other local growers, but now I am focusing solely on our plant projects here at the homestead! Or the ranch?! Clearly it’s neither, it’s our small piece of family owned property that helps my businesses big dreams grow!

All of the planting and harvesting is done with biodynamic practices. All of my gardening and farming is done in organic practices, although at this time I have no interest or intention to get an organic certification. I am an open book though, and happy to answer any questions you may have about how I do things. We use a lot of worm castings, composted nettle and comfrey tea for plant food and protection from bugs, and practice companion planting to create beneficial ecosystems for both the plants and the critters. I have a plan to “trap” the earwigs this year because they can be a real pain. And, I am getting better at my biodynamic composting prep. My goal is to make all of our soil, but I also buy from Full Circle Compost in Northern Nevada. They rock. 



for your dive into magic



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