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Mistletoe Berry Essence

Mistletoe Berry Essence

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Mistletoe Essence, this one made from the berries, carries a luminosity and Ancient Medicine. It is sacred not only to the Druids of old, but also to those of us who feel the call of the Old Ways in the depth of our timber. For Mistletoe Brings Light in the Darkest of Days: metaphorically, literally and in the dark nights of the soul. It clears and balances parasitic growth, eliminates entity attachments- on all levels. Mistletoe calls in a glistening purity: releasing the toxic attachments at the Core.

You are already Whole. Are you Ready to Live Unencumbered?

Mistletoe also clears the very parasitic emotions of bitterness and resentment. These feelings are so natural at times, especially given the lineages of trauma we have inherited in this current time. And yet! They are poison to the one who holds them. Mistletoe opens pathways for Light to Enter in The Cracks and clear the emotional patterns that create toxicity. This clearing makes room for beneficial growth! Mistletoe Berry Essence is a worker of Light and Peace.

It can also be worked with in time of Dis-Ease physically. When you connect to the etheric level of energetic & soul medicines, do you believe it is possible to shift physical illness there? I do. Mistletoe Berry Essence has the potential to help on a physical, spiritual, emotional & mental level in clearing these Dis-Ease patterns.

It makes a lot of sense why this being has been so long held sacred. The most Ancient Ones knew that clearing these patterns so that the light may get in & shine is how we create sustained wellness in ourselves, our families and our collective.

  • How to Use Flower Essences

    Flower Essences are vibrational remedies and work on the physical & subtle bodies. Take Essences 3 times a day, or as needed, in doses of 3 to 13 drops. Take them under your tongue or in a glass of water. A fun way to play with taking flower essences is to use them in meditation or to put a few drops in your bath water.


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