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Snapdragon Flower Essence

Snapdragon Flower Essence

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//A Protective Essence for Breaking Spells//

Snapdragon Flower Essence heals an aspect of our essential nature, bringing the memory of being OK & perfect right now back in. These flowers are the go-to flower for breaking any spells which have been cast against us. Their tall stems & showy stature, along with the snapping mouth, take away all harmful spells carried in our energetic person & our aura. They quite literally eat all of that negative non-serving stuff right up, and with a dignified voluptuous beauty. Most of the time, what we think we are has been defined by others. Imagine getting closer to being free from the imprint of others perceptions. This is a primary energetic action of Snapdragon Flower Essence. (think gossip, family patterns of being less than or not enough, current or old work relations where your boss was always holding out a carrot for you to do more, other people coveting your place or relationships in the many things can & do actually act like spells in our etheric & energetic realms) The removal of these spells also brings greater responsibility to be true in your word and in your being...and Snapdragon holds you in a protective hug as you work through letting go of these old ways of identifying in the world. We are moving into a time when comparison, hexing, gossip and taking will not only not work or be needed, they will be known to feel really really bad to the holder. Snapdragon takes the opportunity NOW to help you step into the truth that you want to see in the world. So Powerful. Shedding all this external identification programming gives a person renewed energy, is helpful for healthy libido patterns and creates a safe space for communicating from the authentic self. On this note, Snapdragon is also helping with verbal aggression and hostility patterns, like when you “snap” at others. This essence is helpful for children that are using biting as a way of expressing anger. Snapdragon helps heal eating behaviors that are out of alignment with health, and relieves tension in the jaw. Oh, yea. 1 oz.

  • How to Use Flower Essences

    Flower Essences are vibrational remedies and work on the physical & subtle bodies. Take Essences 3 times a day, or as needed, in doses of 3 to 13 drops. Take them under your tongue or in a glass of water. A fun way to play with taking flower essences is to use them in meditation or to put a few drops in your bath water.

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