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Calling On Freya Healing Essence

Calling On Freya Healing Essence

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//An Essence for Calling in Feminine Divine & Connecting to Mystery//

Expect Freya to show up for you. Ask for her. Use this essence with intention; she was given to Me by Freya for You. ***All reference to Feminine are intended for all humans identifying as womxn and or all folx interested in drawing in the Great Divine Feminine Archetype into their Healed Being. This essence was crafted for love and care towards ALL HUMANS and CREATURES. 13 Plant Song Lines of Venus, Charged with Sierra Nevada Rose Quartz Pink Damascus Rose Flower, Pink Yarrow Flower, Mint Flower, Motherwort Flower, Feverfew Flower, Mallow Flower, Hibiscus Flower, Self Heal Flower, Pennyroyal Flower, Lady’s Mantle Leaf, Red Raspberry Leaf, Bunny Tail Grass Flower, & Plantain Flower Freya is the Norse Goddess of Love, Beauty, Sex, Fertility (Creativity/Manifestation), and War. Her name translates simply to Lady. She is associated with Venus, and so Freya’s Day, Friday, is also considered to be Venus’ Day. They are one and the same from my understanding, and all of the Flowers, Plants and Minerals charging this essence are ruled by Venus/Freya alike. This is a very powerful essence for calling in all aspects of the Divine Feminine. We are allowed to give our lives over to the Great Mystery, with trust and fortitude. Calling On Freya supports you in your Return to the Old Ways of Feminine Power, Support and Guidance. In our culture, with the steep grade of colonial teachings and governmental thought over-lay, sometimes it's hard to even know what this means! Freya understands this and this essence will teach you how to reintegrate the Divine Feminine in your being. Each plant has a great magnitude of Power and Creative aspects. I will give short knowings from each plant/flower/mineral as they describe their alchemy in this healing essence. Much love, and gratitude for your openness, curiosity & wonder. Pink Rose comes in to heal past lives and the patterns we hold in our imprint from them in this lifetime. This is an ancestral healing and your ancestors thank you. The past life traumas are often (sadly) associated with systemic oppression of the Feminine. Pink Rose softly, sweetly and with great thorny protection, keeps you safe and open while receiving these healings. Pink Yarrow is a very protective flower and acts in this essence to keep a strong boundary as this work is done. Pink Yarrow is also drawing in divantory power to your heart center. Catmint Flower is bringing in an ability to process, a relief from any symptoms of toxic releasing. Motherwort Flower is holding great and nurturing power in the heart center; she Re-Mothers you back to the Great Mother, Earth. Motherwort further connects you deeply to your Womb and the old Goddess, Freya. Feverfew Flower is breaking the congestion patterns in your mind around fear of the unknown. Feverfew acts like lights in the Great Mystery, a flowery light in the beautiful inner sky. Mallow Flower is a softening vibration; she is acting as a kneading balm to the root, sacral and solar plexus chakras. Breaking the stagnation of patriarchy with gentle detoxification and rooted connection to the true Mother. Hibiscus Flower is cleaning the Blood and the Sacred Sexuality. Hibiscus brings a beautiful connection between the root and the heart. Self Heal is catalyzes all of these essences together; remembering that You are the Great Mother too and You have the Power of All the Ancient Medicine. Pennyroyal Flower pulls ghosts out of your being, and out of the space around you. Many entities have been in Service to Patriarchy and dischordance. Pennyroyal clears these, clearing internal and external conflicts. Lady’s Mantle Leaf tones the being to hold more Power and Internal Authority. She heals old Womb Trauma. Red Raspberry Leaf makes the body remember she is a home for the Soul. Together we weave the Mystery of the Feminine back into our Cells. She in an epigenetic healer of the Feminine Body. Bunny Tail Grass Flower remembers that we are all beauty fuzzy heads of the Goddess. Plantain heals the wounds we still carry. Plantain unifies all the messages of these essences into a direct link to Venus / Freya / Divine Mother. Rose Quartz resonates to the vibration of Love and One Consciousness. She holds the essences in your heart to magnetically radiate to the Goddess Freya from there. 2 oz.

  • How to Use Flower Essences

    Flower Essences are vibrational remedies and work on the physical & subtle bodies. Take Essences 3 times a day, or as needed, in doses of 3 to 13 drops. Take them under your tongue or in a glass of water. A fun way to play with taking flower essences is to use them in meditation or to put a few drops in your bath water.

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