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Hops Flower Essence

Hops Flower Essence

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//Stellar Growth, Nourished Soul//

Hops Flower is the most gentle yet powerful Flower Essence. This plant is voracious in it’s growth. It is ruled by Mars and so takes us to a place directly, without pausing, and yet that place has natural bends in the road, easily reaches for its goals and finds great natural beauty in endlessly expanding into new heights. The action of growing to great height and also the perforations in the flower, show Hops to be a carrier of deep and extensive Wisdom. Hops Flower Essence opens you to that wisdom inside yourself. It is an amplifier of Spiritual Growth, this essence will help you make the leaps and take the turns on your Own Spiral Path which you are ready for, craving, and already reaching towards. The calming effects of Hops as a medicine are almost hypnotic. In essence form, Hops Flower becomes a true ally in Tranquil Awareness. It takes the edge of fear off of your expansion, allowing you to take the next breath, ease into the next space, accept the next download. There is also true communal imprints in the Hops Flower Essence. In each bloom is another stacking part, creating a matrix of beauty. The blooms stacking also hold the nourishing stickly pollen & plant resin, which shakes freely into the Wild when the Wind comes to visit. This lovely pattern invokes the Remembrance of Being Held in Sacred Community, Communion, and Reciprocity. The free giving and the response to the Elements reminds us of what a truly Nourished Soul acts like in Community and frees us of the constrictions of rigidity individuality. A true Ally of Spirit, Hops Flower Essence gives the freedom and relaxed assurance to truly grow into Oneself. And, the sweet matrix of Right Relationship with Others. Amen. ***This essence was made on Mars Day (Tuesday) to honor the planetary ruler and draw in the power & support of this planet to the essence. 1 oz.

  • How to Use Flower Essences

    Flower Essences are vibrational remedies and work on the physical & subtle bodies. Take Essences 3 times a day, or as needed, in doses of 3 to 13 drops. Take them under your tongue or in a glass of water. A fun way to play with taking flower essences is to use them in meditation or to put a few drops in your bath water.

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