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Motherwort Ceremony

July 1st, 2023

10:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Hosted at Aurora's Private Farm

(address sent upon registration)

Limited to 10 Attendees

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Join us for a time to connect in ceremony for a journey in holding our hearts, bodies and souls in connection to Motherwort plant and spirit.


During this in person event, we will access our female lineage through the pathways with Motherwort Spirit and connect to our Mother Wounds for a release and healing.


We will gather flowers together and make an essence, and then journey with Motherwort for a direct message and deepening of the healing while also offering our own prayers and sharing during the essence ceremony.


Together, we will receive healings of our own & our collective female lineages and ancestors. After the witnessing, healing and being held by Motherwort, she will transport us together in ceremony onto the Timeline of the Healed Mother.


After the ceremony, Aurora will finish the Motherwort Flower Essence and each participant will be able to take home their own essence for continuing their healing, integration and connection to Motherwort flower & spirit.

Heal the Mother Wound

Commune with Motherwort

  • Participate in an opening ceremony to access our female lineage, connect and release with our mother wound

  • Gather plants and medicine in community

  • Create a custom Motherwort essence healing blend

  • Experience group healing and meditation with guided journaling prompts 

  • Time for reflection and sharing with the community

Please bring water, a light snack, a cushion or pillow to sit on, and a journal. All other materials are included.


Sliding Scale - $165 - $300​

Please choose the investment that resonates with you and your situation.

By offering a sliding scale for this event, I hope to make my work accessible to those needing this healing, as well as build a sustainable business that can support me to help others.

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motherwort bush.jpeg

About Motherwort

A bit about Motherwort and her power to Re-Mother. Motherwort is Leonarus, she is the lion hearted. Her over all spirit is very protective and nurturing, and for some the power of this intact feminine love is overwhelming, incredibly healing, and allows for the space of great healing and release.


She is the Unwounded Mother and knows how to teach us of our Healed and Whole Perfection. Motherwort is a soft tender ally for opening and learning the power of personal boundaries, she is protective and teaches us of the power of our “no”, and in her space of utter acceptance and love, we find the soft yielding and true bliss of our consent, of our “yes”.


Motherwort reminds us of the perfect state we were in when inhabiting the cave of mystery and stars, the womb of our mother and the cosmos. She weaves us back into that mystery and through our timeline back into that sensual and blessed wellness, into a state of having been Mothered on the Timeline of the Healed Mother.


In this way, we extend out and give freely the nurturing and love - first to ourselves and then to others - the strong, protective, sheltering and generous love of the Mother.

Questions You May Have

Who is this ceremony for?

This ceremony is for anyone who wants to transform their relationship to the Mother. For those of us who have a Mother Wound of any kind & is desiring to heal from this: pain and trauma through their own biological mother, fear of loss or disconnection from the Mother Earth as a living being, and pain of any kind from their own experience as a Mother. It is also for those who are wanting to be on the Timeline of the Healed Mother, a place where we have the opportunity to attune with and live from a regulated nervous system that has the experience of having been nurtured by a Mother free from generational trauma and wounding of her own: the experience of having been raised by a healed and whole woman. This ceremony is also for anyone who is wanting to deepen their connection to Plant Spirit and the Living Animus which holds us. Particularly in this healing we will work with Motherwort. It is also a chance for anyone who is interested in flower essence making to experience this ceremony in a group setting.

Where do we meet?

After registration and payment is complete, you will receive an email with Aurora's address in Sierraville CA.

What is included?

In person ceremony, healing, personal deeping with Motherwort and healing of the Mother Wound, a collective healing and shift to a new Timeline and a take home personally charged Motherwort Flower Essence. 

Do flower essences interact with medications?

Flower Essences are vibrational elixirs and do not interact or interfere with any medications. They are safe for all people of all ages. 

What is the investment for this event? Why are the prices different?

The ceremony is being offered at a sliding scale and has a limited number of participants. This experience is intended to be transformational, a life changing event both personally and collectively. It is both a healing and a ceremony and a way of being in communion. The payment supports the work that Aurora will put into the ceremony before and after we all meet. By offering a sliding scale, Aurora hopes to give people the opportunity to come if the full payment would be a stretch, and to also allow folks who are in a comfortable financial place to support her continued work in the physical and invisible realms.   

What should I bring and wear?

comfy clothes, snack, water, journal, pen and pillow for sitting.

What is the schedule/flow of the day?

Please be prompt! We are going to aim for a spacious experience and also have a lot of energy to hold and move through the day.

10:00 am - Gather under the Apple Tree to meet one another and begin

10:15 - 10:30 am - Meet Motherwort 

10:30 - 11:00 am - Share of our own Mother Wounds

11:00 - 11:30 am - Start the Flower Essence Making

11:30 - 12:00 pm - Ceremony Healing the Mother Wounds

12:00 -12:10 pm - Short Break

12:10 -12:30 pm - Plant Sit With Motherwort

12:30 -12:55 pm - Ceremony Shifting to The Timeline of the Healed Mother

12:55 -1:15 pm - Receive Flower Essence & Closing Ceremony

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